Walking Stick Books

Book Design Testimonials

Walking Stick Books designed the cover, as well as the interior, of my novel Open Minds. I'm absolutely delighted with the finished product. They took my initial ideas, spun them up, made them prettier than I would have ever imagined, and gave me a cover that I literally catch myself gazing at. Not only are the folks at Walking Stick Books a pleasure to work with, they really "got" the concept I was working towards and in the first pass we were 90% of the way there. The last 10% was easy, because the designer was flexible, making lots of small changes to get just the look I wanted. He also stepped in and offered his professional design opinion when he thought I was making a choice I wouldn't be happy with in the end. I'm so glad he did, because the resulting cover is one I'm proud to put my name on. I'll no doubt be using Walking Stick Books for my next two book covers.

Susan Kaye Quinn — Bestselling author of the Mindjack Trilogy, the Singularity Series, and many other books

After five years of struggle to produce my own book covers, the universe smiled and introduced me to D. Robert Pease. A talented and consummate professional, Dale has designed a book cover brand that clearly projects the story lines, and perfectly reflect the genre and market audience for my stories and novels. D. Robert Pease’s imaginative talent coupled with book market acumen is beyond amazing. If the gods are willing, I’ll keep him on my team for as long as I write and publish books.

Lex Allen — Author of the conspiracy thrillers in the “Eloah Series.”

Dale did a fantastic job with the covers for The Perception Trilogy. He's able to run with artistic direction and responds quickly to update requests. The best part is the covers have stood the test of time!

Lee Strauss — Bestselling Author of the Perception Trilogy

I've worked with Dale for over four years and six book covers, now. I'm continually amazed at how I can paint a word picture and he can turn it into an amazing piece of concept art. While we use stock photography, he has the ability to completely transform the ordinary and make it so much more. As an indie author, my book covers have to look as professional as my traditional counterparts, and Dale lives up to the challenge.

Linda Lee — Author of the Andy Smithson Series

Dale is a true professional. I gave him the barest idea of the cover I wanted and he took my anemic thoughts and created something totally spectacular. Add in that he's great to deal with and a total professional, and I have no reservations about recommending him for any book cover. I couldn't be happier with the work he has done for me!

Jeffrey Altabef — Author of Enemies of the State

Dale Pease is my cover artist of choice. He is professional, easy to work with and incorporates my ideas. Not only has he created my last four fantasy book covers, but one of them won the New York Book Award for best self-published cover! Covers sell books and Pease is a master. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a cover artist.

Dorine White — Author of The Awakening and the Cleopatra's Legacy Series

I love the covers Dale created for my kids mystery series. Not only did he capture the tone and characters perfectly, but he also came straight out the gate with lots of ideas and examples when I wasn't quite sure how or where to get started. Even though I requested a billion changes on the third in the series, he happily and speedily took care of them all until I was 100% satisfied. He even designed gorgeous interiors to make the books that much more awesome. I'm proud of every single work of art Dale created out of each of my books!

Emlyn Chand — Author of the Pet Shop Society series

Walking Stick Books did an amazing job on both of my novels' covers. Typical Indie authors have covers that are ordinary or mainstream. My novel covers are intriguing, interesting and meaningful. I am often complimented on the artwork. Additionally, Dale completed all the layout for the novels and prepared the files to upload to Amazon and Kindle. I would highly recommend him.

Barb Baltrinic — Author of A Founder for All and A Patriot's Price

Blood Crown Cover Design Working with Dale has been an awesome experience. He's created five book covers for me, from gothic to hard core sci-fi. Dale rocked my world with all of them. He has vision, talent in droves and is always 100% professional. I will continue to use his services and highly recommend him!

Ali Cross — Author of Blood Crown