siteMpower Tour

Here's a quick tour of the major features of siteMpower. For a fuller demonstration, please contact us to set up an appointment for an onsite demo.

Edit on the Page

Creating content, and editing your website couldn't be easier. Instead of going to some back-end area of your site to edit pages, simple enter edit mode, and click on a piece of text, or an image, any content really, and click Edit Block. A nice toolbar appears, and away you go.

Edit on the page with siteMpower

Content Blocks

Many block types can be added to the page. Don't see a block type for a particular need? No problem, we can custom build one for you.

siteMpower content blocks

Drag and Drop Content

Want to add more content to a page? Simply drag and drop different content block types onto the page where you want them to appear. This includes basic content like text and images, as well as dynamic content like YouTube videos, Google Maps, Custom Forms. Any type of media you want can be placed precisely on the screen.

Drag and Drop content in siteMpower

Form Builder

Create forms simply by dragging a form block onto a page, and then creating the questions. It really is that easy. Forms right data to a backend database, for retrieval later, and can send the results of the form to any number of email addresses you choose.

siteMpower form builder

SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization is easy on a siteMpower site. Manage meta data on a page-by-page basis, or edit your whole site at once. XML sitemaps can also be created dynamically. You don't have to sacrifice good SEO with dynamically created sites from siteMpower.

siteMpower SEO tools

Version History

Every edit, to every page on your site is stored as a backup. Easily turn on, and turn off versions, stepping back in time. Don't worry about making mistakes any more, we've got you covered.

siteMpower Version History

File Manager

siteMpower includes a robust file manager for uploading and storing all your files. From images, to PDFs to audio files and more, you will have a simple place to keep everything organized.

siteMpower File Manager

User Manager

Editors, and visitors to your site can each have their own account. Those accounts can be granted a wide-array of rights, including having access to view password protected areas of your site, or editing material only they are allowed to.

siteMpower User Manager