Walking-Stick Communications

About Walking Stick Communications

Your success depends on it!

With so much riding on a successful presence on the web, you can't afford not to use a team of people who have gained years of advertising experience across industries and across the country. It's more than just about the history of the firm (although we have been around since 1997 which is a long time in web years); it's about the people and the experience they bring to the table, and how they can apply it to your situation, to get results for YOU. Walking Stick Communications is a full service web solutions agency supporting clients from Northeast Ohio and throughout the country.


Based in Kent, Ohio (just east of Akron and a bit south of Cleveland), we enjoy the beauty of the Midwest. And with extensive technology to connect us with our clients across the country, geography is never an issue. Web design projects, search engine marketing, application development...all can be managed in person or through various online avenues. No matter what your situation, or location, our team provides you with a level of service that's hard to find.